Frequently Asked Questions

Below, you'll find a list of frequently asked questions that cover many common inquiries about our services. We hope these will help you find the information you need about how we handle data privacy negotiations and more. If your question isn't addressed here, or if you need further clarification, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team. We're here to assist you with any additional queries you might have. You can contact us at

My app doesn't collect PII, should I sign the DPA? Why?

Absolutely. Signing a DPA is crucial even if your app does not collect Personally Identifiable Information (PII). It's not just about compliance; it's about communication. Without a DPA, schools are left in the dark, unsure whether your app is genuinely safe or if there's a lack of a DPA for less benign reasons. Signing a DPA is a clear signal to the educational community that your app is safe and respects student data privacy. Moreover, our DPA provides a mechanism for you to formally declare that your app does not collect PII, reinforcing trust and transparency with schools and districts.

Can I sign for multiple apps?

Yes. We support batch e-signing of multiple DPAs at once for multiple apps and for multiple states simultaneously. Our system also accommodates multiple apps for vendors, which is a common scenario. Our platform is uniquely designed from the ground up to offer this level of efficiency, making it the only one on the market that facilitates such a streamlined process for signing DPAs.

Can I sign a DPA offline?

While our platform is designed for efficiency and security with electronic signatures, we understand that some vendors may need to sign agreements offline due to policy restrictions or other reasons. In such cases, we have an ad hoc process to accommodate this rare event. Please contact our support team to discuss alternative arrangements for signing the DPA offline.

What if I am prohibited by policy from using e-signatures?

Most vendors find that e-signing is both secure and efficient, benefiting both the vendor and the LEA. However, we understand that in extremely rare cases, vendors may have specific policies that restrict the use of e-signatures. If you find yourself in this situation, don't worry. We have developed an ad hoc process to accommodate such unique requirements. Please reach out to our support team to discuss how we can work together to fulfill the agreement while adhering to your policy constraints.

I am not the right contact, I don't handle these types of requests, who should I send this request to?

If you've received a request to sign a DPA but are not the appropriate contact within your organization, please forward the request to the individual or department responsible for handling data privacy agreements or legal contracts. If you're unsure who this might be, consider contacting your legal department or data privacy officer.

How long does the process take to sign a DPA?

Our system features a streamlined, 5-step wizard that simplifies the process of adding your app's basic data, reviewing the DPA and related appendices, and electronically signing the document. The entire process can be incredibly swift, especially for vendors who are familiar with the NDPA. If you've gone through this process before, it could take just a few minutes to complete. Our platform is designed to make the DPA signing as efficient and hassle-free as possible.

Is there a fee to use the StudentDPA service?

No, there is no cost for vendors to use the StudentDPA service for signing agreements. Our platform is designed to facilitate an efficient and secure process for both vendors and school districts without imposing any fees on vendors.

How secure is the information I provide on the StudentDPA platform?

We prioritize the security of all data provided on our platform. We implement industry-standard security measures, including encryption and secure access protocols, to protect your information and ensure the confidentiality of the agreements you sign.

Can I update the DPA after signing?

No, once a DPA is signed, the document is locked and cannot be directly updated. If there's a significant change in your app or corporate structure that necessitates modifications to the DPA, you have the option to remove the current agreement and initiate a new one through our platform. However, previously executed contracts involving LEAs may still be active and binding. This process ensures that all parties are aligned with the latest terms and conditions relevant to the service provided.

What if my company’s policies don’t allow me to access your platform?

If your company's policies restrict access to our platform, please reach out to our support team directly. We can discuss alternative methods to facilitate the DPA process while adhering to your company's policy requirements. Our aim is to ensure both efficiency for you and compliance with school districts, even when direct platform access is not possible.

I need to redline the DPA. How do I go about doing this?

If you require changes to the DPA, our platform facilitates this process seamlessly. While reviewing the NDPA, you can click on any clause you find problematic and suggest alternative language directly. This action triggers a redlining process, alerting our legal team, who will then review your proposed changes and respond promptly. This feature ensures that your concerns are addressed efficiently, maintaining the integrity of the standardized DPA process while accommodating specific needs.

If I start the process, can I stop and come back to it?

Yes, you can pause your work on the DPA at any time and return later to continue where you left off. To ensure your work is saved, make sure to move to the next or previous page before leaving, as this action automatically saves your progress.

Can I download a template to prepare my information before entering it on your platform?

Our system is designed to collect your app information and merge it into our DPA template, facilitating a streamlined process. We strongly encourage you to enter your information directly on our platform. This approach allows you to review and download a PDF of your DPA with your information before e-signing.
If you require a non-executable blank template for preparation, we provide such a template for your convenience. It is available here.

What if I encounter technical issues while using the platform?

Should you encounter any technical difficulties or errors on our platform, our support team is ready to assist. Contact us at with a detailed description of your issue, and we'll work swiftly to help you resolve it.

Is there documentation available on how to use the StudentDPA platform?

Yes, comprehensive documentation on how to utilize the StudentDPA platform is available. This includes step-by-step guides and tutorial videos designed to help you navigate the platform easily. For access to these resources, visit our support site at

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